EDWIN is a progressive denim brand that blends their Japanese background, crafsmanship and expertise with a European contemporary avour, vision and attitude.

Counter-cultural music, art and international style-tribes are touchstones to their creative vision; celebrating all things denim and non-denim with inspiration taken from everyday life, from urban street, surf and skate culture, as well as traditional and contemporary denim.

Guest artists, DJ and collaborations that orbit the EDWIN brand are deep and varied; whether celebrating urban motorcycle culture, tattoo art, DIY-punk graphics or the electronic music and rave scenes of London, Paris and Berlin; the mix is modern, eclectic and interesting; an e ortless blend of their rich background, combined with a forward-thinking approach to what they do. A celebration of cra and counter / sub-culture; all brought together under a singular creative vision.


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Mail: info@fancyfarmers.com of bel: 020-3314287.

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