Rains is a Danish rainwear company founded in 2012. Based on an early initiative to interpret the traditional rubber raincoat in a novel way, the company has, since its foundation, grown into an accomplished international rainwear brand. Along with the reinvented classics, Rains today offers a full line of waterproof outerwear, bags and accessories to the fashion conscious consumer.

Inspired by both Scandinavian weather and design heritage, Rains merge traditional methods with innovative techniques to create understated and considered rainwear made to last beyond the season.

Rains presents for Autumn/Winter 2020: Chasing Time

As a contrast to our fast-paced lifestyle and ever-increasing online presence, the human sensory system has become more muted than ever to the busy world around us. Our response is a collection more thoughtfully designed for longevity—a collection that thoughtfully considers the past and present in designing products for the future.

For Autumn & Winter 2020, we move away from previous seasons where the land- scape of fashion was bold colors and high-tech palettes that strayed away from the natural—and where silhouettes were built for the moment and not for the future. This season, we explore colors that are grounding. Colors that elicit an uncompromised, subtle sense of confidence. We deep dive into silhouettes that can endure passing tendencies with courage, designs that will be just as relevant in the future as they are today. We name this collection, Chasing Time.



Geïnteresseerd om Rains te verkopen? Neem gerust contact op voor meer informatie of een afspraak. Mail: info@fancyfarmers.com of bel: +31(0)20-3314287.

Rains heeft drie Concept Stores in Nederland:

Amsterdam – Haarlemmerstraat 82 

Amsterdam – Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 38

Utrecht – Choorstraat 14