Happy Birthday Champion – 100 – Let’s celebrate !


Het iconische sport-fashion merk Champion, opgericht in Rochester, New York in 1919 presenteert de Reverse Weave lijn. Champion is de uitvinder van de Reverse Weave techniek. In deze high-end lijn van Champion komt alles bijeen:  comfort, techniek, heritage en forward fashion.

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So lets get Fancy !

Champion Reverse Weave collectie Spring/Summer 2019:

Over deze collectie:

There are few spheres of life that inspire us to cling to strange superstitions and rituals more than sports. Some are unique celebrations rooted deep in a team’s legend. Others are often as interwoven into an athlete’s identity as the biggest wins from days gone by. The SS19 Reverse Weave lookbook playfully reinterprets rituals of sporting Champions from around the world.

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Posted on 5 februari 2016 in Merken

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